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Wedel & Beiertz has worked with many domestic and foreign companies – both nationally and cross-border. The names and industries of these clients indicate the scope of our expertise. We would be happy to supply you with more information, simply contact us.

Financial marketing & communications
- Atlas Venture GmbH (Private equity)
- Bank Julius Bär Deutschland AG (Private banking)
- BSL Fonds Selection AG (Asset management)
- Citibank AG (Derivative instruments)
- Deutsche Bank AG (Private Wealth Management)
- Deutsche Hypothekenbank AG
  (Specialty financing)
- Ernst & Young GmbH (Real estate practice)
- Halder Gruppe (Private equity)
- HYPO Capital Management GmbH (Private banking)
- Maffei-Bank KGaA (Private banking)
- Merrill Lynch Bank AG (Capital markets)
- Morningstar Deutschland GmbH (Mutual fund rating)
- Nord/LB (Banking)
- Pioneer Fonds Marketing GmbH (Mutual funds)
- VR Equitypartner (Private Equity)
Investor Relations
- ABB Ltd (Capital goods)
- A.N.N Systems ASA
  (News room management systems)
- Arndt AG (Car rental)
- Berentzen-Gruppe AG (Beverages)
- Elektra Beckum AG (Power tools)
- J. Bünting Handels- und Beteiligungs AG
- Kamps AG (Bread and bakery products)
- Macrotron AG (AG (Wholesaler for PCs,
  peripherals, software)
- Reuters plc (Financial information)
- Thomson Corporation (Information solutions)